Side Saddle Area 19

Side Saddle Association Area 19

Welcome to the online home of The Side Saddle Association’s Yorkshire and Humberside branch – Area 19.
The Side Saddle Association was formed in 1974 to keep alive the dying art of side saddle riding and promote its popularity.  Today The Side Saddle Association provides education, support and instruction to over 1,200 members in the UK and overseas.

Area 19 are a real ‘Yorkshire Mixture’ of riders and horses of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, all united by our enthusiasm for riding side saddle. On this site you will find details of what Area 19 have been up to lately and where we will be riding next.  If you are thinking about learning to ride side saddle, go to our find an instructor page and if you are looking for event and competition details you need our local side saddle events page.

Most horses and ponies take very well to side saddle – so come and enjoy this elegant and fun way of riding with us.


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